The maple farm

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Our mission

To bring sweet happiness to your dinnertable with our products

The benefits of maple

Quality Seal

Jasmino maple syrup is certified as organic by Écocert. You can rest easy knowing you are using quality products, made to the highest environmental and social standards.

Pure and Natural

Jasmino maple syrup is 100% pure, natural, and organic. It is unrefined, gluten-free, vegan, sterile and contains neither preservatives nor artificial colourings or flavourings.

Nutritional Quality

Maple syrup contains over 100 essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytohormones, and 67 polyphenols

Less calorie dense than sugar

Maple syrup contains 1/3 of the calories of refined white sugar.

A Natural Energy Source

Maple syrup contains simple sugars that can very easily transform into glucose. A wonder of nature for the sporty ones among us as well as parents in need of a little boost in energy.

Our technologies

The most advanced technology available

Our maple syrup is made with the most advanced technology available. This allows us to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and allows for greater flexibility of operations, which is very useful during high-production times of the year.

A process that respects the environment

Jasmino Organic Maple Syrup is made with clean energy. Sustainable development is at the heart of our business values.

Unmatched flavors!

We use a reverse-osmosis system which brings our maple sap to a 30 degree brix concentration. We then boil this precious liquid on low heat to bring out all the flavours that make our harvest, and our maple syrup, so unique and delicious.

An innovative company

Jasmino Organic Maple Syrup is made with clean energy. Sustainable development is at the heart of our business values.

Maple and nature

An Ecological

Maple syrup is the most ecologically responsible sugar in the world! It is obviously devoid of animal cruelty and in our case is made to the highest organic standards.

To produce this delicious nectar there is no need to cut down existing forests or refine it like sugar cane. Maple sap is filtered on site with high quality equipment which allows us to obtain a high brix concentration, which in turn reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%.

We constantly strive to improve our production process to meet the highest environmental standards.

Pure maple, our nature.

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